Carolina Vue Real Estate Group® Is A Full Service Firm With LOW Commission Fees!

"Let Us Guide Your Home ®"

  • Carolina Vue Real Estate Group® has over 25 years combined experience in the art of real estate. Our real estate agents have been privileged to service a sophisticated and specialized revered clientele from luxury homes to condos in the Charlotte, NC Metropolitan area and we are family owned & operated.
  • We belong to the same MLS & IDX marketing system as the bigger firms but, the resolve of our real estate agents has always been and always will be to put the needs of our clients before our commission.

    It is our Obligation and Opportunity to let Seller's capture their ROI. We will be constant in our practice to ensure we PROTECT their investment when selling their home with our LOW COMMISSION FEES. ALWAYS...People Before Our Profits.
  • We may be a small "boutique" real estate firm but we are an EFFECTIVE one. We GUARANTEE we try harder to win your TRUST , and to gain your valued RESPECT.
  • Vigorous
  • Uncompromising
  • Efforts

    This is what we strive toward at Carolina Vue Real Estate Group®

"Let Us Guide Your Home.®"

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Strategic Pricing Specialists® Since 2013

Carolina Vue Real Estate Group® has been awarded the Strategic Pricing Specialist ®Designation since 2013. All of our Charlotte, NC brokers are SPS® Certified.

Our professional real estate agents have committed their time, energy and money to being educated by the highest quality information in the three most important concurrent components of buying or selling a home which include: 1.) Market Trends, 2.) Pricing Strategies and 3.) Absorption Rate Calculations.

Let's face it— selling your home shouldn't be a guessing game…It should be a STRATEGY.

"Let Us Guide Your Home.®"

LOW Commission Fees & FSBO Programs

At Carolina Vue we BELIEVE in letting you keep your ROI when selling your home. That's why we have been offering LOW COMMISSION FEES to Seller's for over ten years. Carolina Vue was one of…if not the first firms in Charlotte to offer Low Commission Fees & For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Programs! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain when you buy or sell your home with Carolina Vue Real Estate Group.

Our Listing Commission Fees are VERY low and are the best way for Seller's to sell. Contact us NOW and see how much you will SAVE. When you list your home with Carolina Vue The Real Estate Experts…You will save THOUSANDS…GUARANTEED!

"Let Us Guide Your Home.®"

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